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Privacy Policy of Bliss Adventure


Last update 21st September 2021

We understand that providing information online involves a great deal of trust on your part. Bliss Adventure takes this trust very seriously, and make it a high priority to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal data you provide us when you use our services.

This Privacy Policy describes in detail our policy and practices regarding our collection, use and disclosure of your personal data. By accessing and utilising our services, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy and the information collection and handling practices outlined in it.


Personal data and controller

Name of the register:

User Register of Bliss Adventure Ltd. Registration is based on sales and service contract between Bliss Adventure and the customer using our services.


Bliss Adventure Ltd (“Bliss Adventure”)
Business ID: 2644586-8
Address: Länsisatamankatu 23 D 80, 00180 Helsinki
Phone: +358 40 530 2206

Contact Person:

Mikael Backman
Phone: +358 40 530 2206


Collection of your personal data

The customer register contains the following information:

Contact & customer information

  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Phone number
  • Nationality
  • Any other information customer provides
  • Information of services / products bought

When you browse our websites, we might collect

  • Information about your browsing behaviour on our website.
  • Information about the way you access our digital services, including operating system, IP address, online identifiers and browser details.

When you buy our services from our webpage, we might collect

  • Your personal details, including your name, email address, phone number and nationality.
  • Relevant medical data and any special, dietary or disability requests.
  • Any other information online customer provides, like language preference.

When you contact us by email, phone, text message, WhatsApp or any form of social media, we might collect:

  • Your email address and name related to it
  • Conversations between Bliss Adventure and the customer
  • Your personal details, including your name, email address, phone number and nationality you have provided us.
  • Relevant medical data and any special, dietary or disability requests you have provided us.
  • Any other information you provide us.


How we use your personal data

Processing of personal data is based on contract and customer relationship between a Customer and Bliss Adventure. Bliss Adventure collects data to organize and deliver services and Products for customers. Data is mostly used to identify customer who has made a booking for our services. Without this data, Bliss Adventure is incapable of delivering a service for customer.

Data can be also used to analyse the market, customers and services for developing and improving the quality of the services. It can be used to send invoices and to manage customer relationship and communication. Some data is also used in direct marketing, advertising and to target our marketing for customers. Each time you receive an email of this type, you will be able to tell us if you no longer wish to receive them by e-mailing with your request.

Data we collect is gathered from following sources:

  • sent by email
  • talked on phone or sent by message or WhatsApp
  • making a booking through our webpage
  • making a booking through any third-party services
  • sending a gift card message through the contact form in our webpage
  • any data collected through marketing services we use using social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, VKontakte)
  • meeting the customer directly
  • any other forms customer provides us information


Transfer of personal data outside of EU/EEA

Bliss Adventure may use subcontractors outside EU when collecting data and providing services. Personal data may be transferred outside EU only if it’s necessary for organizing and delivering services for customers. This may concern the servers we use to store our user register. If any data is transferred outside EU, our subcontractors must be approved to follow general data protection regulation of EU. We will safeguard the sufficient level of personal data protection by e.g. agreeing on matters related to the confidentiality and processing of personal data in compliance with legislation. Personal data of customers is never transferred to third parties for any sales- or marketing purposes.


Regular disclosure of data

We have made sure that all our service providers are complying with data protection legislation. For more information about our service providers, please contact us. Personal data can be transferred to officials according to current legislation and law.


Data Security and retention

Bliss Adventure has carried out the technical and organizational measures for securing personal data from unauthorized access or any unlawful use and processing. All the customer data is stored digitally to servers which are secured with appropriate data security methods. If any data is manually printed we have taken care of appropriate storage of the data and take care of demolishing it appropriately.

User data is accessible only by employees of Bliss Adventure who has justifiable reason to access and process the information. The register can be only accessed with user rights and password. All the employees of Bliss Adventure are required professional confidentiality when processing any data related to the company. We may also outsource the processing of personal data partly to a third party, in which case we will guarantee with contractual arrangements that personal data is processed in compliance with valid data protection legislation and otherwise appropriately.

Bliss Adventure will retain personal data for as long as necessary to organize and provide services and products for customers. Personal data may be retained for Bliss Adventure marketing purposes for as long as seen necessary to maintain relationship with the customer.


User rights

  1. Customer has right to receive him/her personal data from our user register and request to change or complete wrong or insufficient information.
  2. Customer has the right to access the data of him/her and upon request, obtain a copy of the data.
  3. Customer has right to request deletion of his/her personal data from our register. We will handle the request for deletion and proceed to either delete the data or state a justified reason for not being able to delete the data.
  4. Customer has right to complain to the Data Protection Supervisor if the data subject feels that we are violating the effective data protection regulation when processing personal data.
  5. Customer has the right to forbid the use of personal data for direct marketing.


Any requests related to rights mentioned above must be made in written form straight to Bliss Adventure. Bliss Adventure will answer to requests on appropriate time defined in general data protection regulation of EU.

Customer is responsible to inform Bliss Adventure for possible changes in personal data. If changes are not informed, Bliss Adventure can’t be held responsible for any delays, changes of schedule or any other service related issues caused by wrong customer details.


Cookies and other web technologies

We may collect information via cookies and other similar technologies (such as web beacons). Cookies are small text files that are automatically placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. They are stored by your internet browser. Cookies contain basic information about your use of the internet. Your browser sends these cookies back to our website every time you visit it, so it can recognise your computer or mobile device and personalise and enhance your browsing experience.

The user may prohibit the use of cookies by changing the browser settings. This may, however, affect the user experience of the website or website might not function properly.


Your acceptance of these terms

By using any of Bliss Adventure services or by contacting us by any means you will accept this Privacy Policy. If you have any question related to our policy please contact us:


Changes to this Privacy Policy

Bliss Adventure has right to update and change this privacy policy at any time. When we update our policy we always upload the latest policy in our webpage and revise the “Last update” date in beginning of this document.

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