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Our Selected Partners in the Arctic Adventures

Meet our trusted partners for completing your Arctic experience

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These handpicked activities are among the finest Lapland has to offer

Spoil yourself with the genuine Arctic activities by our local partners, by our trusted friends!

At Bliss Adventure we live and breath collaboration 365 days a year, through all four Arctic seasons. This is the way it has been for the local community in this sometimes harsh environment for centuries and beyond.

We are privileged to work within a trusted network of small family-owned companies committed to quality and to responsible tourism. Through the hand picked Bliss Adventure partners you may always expect safe, professionally-run activities and genuine hospitality.

Come with us in a private husky farm. Have 5km safari and meet the dogs.

Price from €120

We will go to a place with no light pollution with best possibilities in that night to see northern lights. We will make campfire in wilderness, roast sausages and tell you about Auroras. Our guide will help with camera settings and take pictures for you.

Price from €130

Experience a Finnish-style, unique, and relaxing evening at Lucky Ranch Saloon!

Price from €85

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