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Fatbike Tours

Enjoy cycling like never before, pedal through the Arctic Taiga forest!

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Fatbike could make the most fun way to explore the snowy forest paths

Hop on the saddle and feel a smile on your face!

Riding an agile fatbike on snow is like riding a standard mountain bike with two exceptions: it is easier and more fun. The wide tyres keep you rolling with ease and comfort.

Pyhä-Luosto National Park makes the perfect environment for enjoying winter cycling on a fatbike to the fullest. Follow your guide on the winding paths into the Arctic Taiga forest. Enjoy the beautiful, thick snow blanket and those little educating and entertaining stories when having a breather.

Guided fatbike tours available both in Pyhä and Luosto, Lapland.

About fatbikes

Fatbike has become popular during the last couple of years for a handful of good reasons. First of all, fatbike makes arguably the best allrounder-bicycle ever. It serves the rider loyally all year through, may it be about sandy or rocky summer trails or snowy winter tracks. Due to it’s chubby appearance one could assume it is heavy to pedal and clumsy to handle but the truth is the other way around. This fat buddy is agile and runs effortlessly on its wide tyres, that offer a lot of grip also on snow.

Fatbikes come with a good variety of frame sizes, so anyone and everyone between height of 145 cm to 210 cm can expect to find a suitable ride. We use high quality cycling helmets for safety. A simple woolen hat is recommended underneath it for warmth. Ski gloves or mittens will keep the cyclist’s fingers warm. Any winter-suitable outdoors shoe will work well in fatbiking, too.

We use high quality fatbikes from manufacturers like Mondraker, Kona and Felt. A couple of smallest
bikes are by White, a manufacturer known for good value.

Fatbiking in Pyhä-Luosto area

The most appealing area for a fatbike ride in Pyhä-Luosto area could be the Pyhä-Luosto National Park, known for it’s diverse beauty and fascinating geological history, too. Once on the saddle, fatbike rider will get to ride though diverse sceneries from ancient forest through wetlands, solidly frozen in winter, equipped with duckboards for summer. Luckily the fatbike routes in Pyhä-Luosto area are beyond the national park: on a fatso one will be tempted to go and give a try on any inviting looking side road and a path less traveled… And why not, because the versatile fatbike makes a perfect ride for some exploring!

There is also a nice yet simple network of safe cycle lanes for the less adventurous fatbike pilots.

Is fatbiking for me?

If you know how to ride a bike and wish to roll across Arctic nature in a sustainable way, a guided fatbike tour could be your cup of tea. Up to you only if your snowy bike ride will be speedy or peaceful, both good options. No active cycling background required.

Exciting and unique activity in Luosto, Lapland. Ride to the top of the Lampivaara fell and dig for your very own lucky Lappish gem! No active cycling background required.

Price from €159

Hop on the electric fatbike and experience the future of trail riding. Once-in-a-lifetime cycling tour in the picturesque Arctic!

Price from €99

Bliss guide take you to rewarding and safe snow paths based on accurate knowledge of the current snow conditions.

Price from €79

Let the ski lift pull you on a fatbike to the top of a slope and then enjoy the fun and speedy ride down with a Bliss Adventure guide! This only-in-Pyhä-Lapland activity is well-suited for mountain bike riders from moderate to expert level.

Price from €69

E-fatbike changes cycling on the forest trails much less strenuous. Often the level of assistance correlates the width of the rider’s smile!

Price from €45

Fatbikes are a fascinating way to enjoy the Arctic nature!

Price from €30

Join an unique multi-day e-fatbike tour in Finnish Lapland to the top of Halti Fell (1328 m), the highest point of Finland! Pedal a powerful electric fatbike on snow, enjoy the challenge and the rewarding views also across the border deep in Norway, too!

Price from €2390

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