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Fatbike tours and rental

Join a guided tour or rent an easy-rolling fatbike in Lapland!
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Fatbike, the ultimate Lapland 2-in-1: fun cycling & the genuine Arctic nature experience

Hop on the saddle and let the summer breeze put a smile on your face!

Join our guided fatbike tours in Pyhä–Luosto (Pyhätunturi–Luostotunturi) area in Finnish Lapland! The trails are easy and safe to ride even for the absolute beginner, yet still engaging for the more experienced rider.

Riding an agile fatbike is like riding a conventional mountain bike with two exceptions: it is easier and more fun. The wide tyres keep the cycling easy and comfortable for the whole family. Wish to maximise the fun and minimise the effort? Then choose the electric fatbike option!

A good number of conventional and electric fatbikes of various size are available for rental in Pyhä during the Arctic summer, from 12th May 2021 onwards. Booking through the Bliss Adventure online store keeps it swift and smooth!

For the guided fatbike tours a booking will be required 48 hours prior to the tour’s starting time. On our e-fatbike tours in Luosto the minimum group size is 2 clients, maximum being 5 clients. For the conventional fatbike tours in Pyhä the minimum group size is 2 clients, maximum being 10 explorers. If you are traveling alone or if your are more than mentioned above, please contact us and we will be happy to find you a solution.

You can be assured that the rugged nature of Lapland makes a fascinating environment for a fatbike tour. Follow your guide on the winding forrest paths or rent a fatbike for some independent exploring!

More details about fatbiking

Fatbike has won a lot of hearts during the last couple of years for a handful of good reasons. First of all, fatbike makes arguably the best allrounder-bicycle ever. It serves the rider loyally all year through, may it be about sandy or rocky summer trails or snowy winter tracks. Due to it’s chubby appearance one could assume it is heavy to pedal and clumsy to handle but the truth is the other way around. This fat buddy is agile and runs effortlessly on its wide tyres, that offer a lot of grip also on any surface, making the riding both fun and safe.

Should you appreciate a lesser effort on a guided tour through the ancient forest and over the fells of Lapland, your choice will be an e-fatbike. E-fatbike comes with an electric pedaling assistant, which flattens the uphills in a very smooth manner. The rider can choose the level of assistance required and the rest is just like riding a conventional bicycle.

It is important that a fatbike comes in suitable size regarding to the riders hight and possible preferences. Our fatbike and e-fatbike fleets comes with a good variety of frame sizes, from XS to XL. On a conventional fatbikes everyone between height of 145 cm to 210 cm can expect to find a fitting ride. In the case of an e-fatbike the numbers range from 155 cm to 200 cm, roughly. We use only high standard of cycling helmets to keep it safe. Shoes are a very straight forward issue: Any pair footwear suitable for a proper walk will work well on fatbike pedals, too. Please choose the clothing suitable for the season and weather. If in doubt, please email us at or give us a call +358 40 5302 2206.

Our fatbike fleet consists of bicycles of premium manufacturers like Kona and Mondraker. The smallest size bikes are by White, a manufacturer known for the good value.

Bliss Adventure’s summer 2021 fatbike services are available in Finnish Lapland in two destinations, Pyhä and Luosto. They are located a mere 20 minute car drive apart from each other and often considered as single destination. The fact that are both within the mesmerising Pyhä–Luosto National Park, the oldest in Finland, and connected also by a mountain bike route only emphasises this.

Pyhä–Luosto is located a 1,5 hour car drive from Rovaniemi, the closest international airport (RVN). The comfortable bus ride takes 2 hours. You may find the summer bus timetable here.

Pyhä–Luosto area in Lapland, Finland

Pyhä–Luosto area above Arctic Circle represent true Lappish environment: rugged yet forested. Pyhä–Luosto is located some two hours north-east from Rovaniemi (RVN), the closest airport, by bus. The area and especially so the Pyhä–Luosto National Park, is known it’s diverse beauty and fascinating geological history, too.

Once in Pyhä–Luosto, the guest has four excellent options to enjoy the fatbiking: to join a guided e-fatbike tour in the Pyhä–Luosto National Park or to the one-of-it’s-kind Luosto Amethyst Mine, to join a guided tour on a conventional fatbike, or to choose to rent an e-fatbike or a conventional fatbike.

Once on the saddle, fatbike rider will get to ride though diverse Lappish sceneries from the ancient Taiga forest through wetlands, solidly frozen in winter, equipped with duckboards for summer. The fatbike routes in Pyhä–Luosto area are even beyond the national park: one will get tempted to go and give a try on any inviting looking side road and a path less traveled… And why not, because the versatile fatbike makes the perfect ride for some exploring! There is also a nice yet simple network of safe cycle lanes for the less adventurous fatbike pilots.

Is fatbiking for me?

If you know how to ride a bike and wish to roll across Arctic nature in a sustainable way, a guided fatbike tour could be your cup of tea. Up to you only if your bike ride will be speedy or peaceful, both good options. No active cycling background required.

Climb up the steep rock wall, explore the ancient rock formations, cross the gorge on a rope bridge and enjoy the stunning scenery. Rock adventure park offers enormous experiences for all kind of adventurers!

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Exciting and unique activity in Lapland. Ride to the top of the Lampivaara fell and dig for your very own lucky Lappish gem!

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