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Northern Lights Photography Tours in Lapland, Finland

Learn to take perfect photos of the Northern Lights and beyond in an authentic environment

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Seeing Aurora Borealis is amazing. Capturing them with a camera is even more rewarding!

Join our photography tour and capture the Northern Lights in Lapland, Finland! All you need is a camera with basic manual settings.

Watching the Northern Lights (a.k.a. Aurora Borealis) in the northern sky is something truly to remember. To capture the heavenly light snow with your camera will make it even more rememberable! On Bliss Adventure’s Northern Lights photography tour you will learn not only how to use your camera for capturing auroras but also how to take pictures of other visually rewarding night-time objects, like a bonfire, snowy trees, even the moon and stars weather permitting.

We use the newest radar technology to forecast the probability of seeing Auroras. Should the Auroras not appear on that particular evening, no worries. The skills you will learn can be utilised any day or evening after the workshop, whenever the Auroras will reveal themselves.

About the activity

Joining our Northern Lights Photography Tour in Lapland, Finland, way above the Arctic Circle, will give you a lot: first of all, you can boost your practical skills levels. You will learn how to use your own camera with manual settings so, that you can capture the best of the Auroras and share the amazing moments with your friends and followers.

But there’s more. You will also gain a lot of knowledge regarding the ever-captivating phenomenon: how they appear in the local Lappish folklore (including why you should never, ever, whistle under the Auroras…), and what the latest scientific research has to say about them.

Capturing Auroras Photography Workshop does not take place in a classroom – or, let the snow-blanketed Taiga forest be the classroom! The Bliss Adventure photography guide will take you in the wild nature, prepare you a ringside seat by the bonfire and then start sharing her or his experience and knowledge about the Auroras, and about the northern lifestyle in general, should you have some questions on your mind.

Once the theory and story-telling parts are over, it is the time to get busy practising the night time photography, hands-on! Finland Northern Lights tour guide will introduce you to use a tripod camera stand effectively and will go through the setting menus with you to get everything right. A short walk away from the bonfire will put you in a perfect photography training environment. You can expect to learn a lot in roughly two hours, and have a good time, too!

Our destinations for capturing the auroras

Our photography workshops take place at authentic venues filled with Arctic nature, where the chances to see and capture the Auroras are excellent. Should the Auroras evade us that particular night, the beautiful workshop environment will offer a lot of other rewarding objects for photography.

Pyhä and Luosto are popular destinations where you can see the lights regularly. The arctic conditions are excellent to shoot the night skies against the snowy landscape. Aurora Photography Trip take roughly two hours and we guarantee you will get amazing photos.

Do I need my own camera?

You should bring you own camera to photography winter activities. You will learn to use your camera with ideal settings for night time photos in our photography workshops. You can join the activity without a camera and just come to enjoy the Auroras but the experience is more fun with your own camera.

Any camera with basic settings is enough.

What are the skill requirements for Northern Lights Photography Tour?

You do not have to be a professional photographer or even a photo enthusiast to join this expedition. Our expert will teach you how to take amazing pictures with ideal settings on location. We are specialized in taking pictures in the wonderful Lapland so even if you are a professional, you can still benefit of this guided tour.

Is this included in any Northern Lights Holiday package?

This activity is not currently included in any package so you will have to book this as a stand alone trip from our website.

If you have more questions, contact us via email or by phone.

Learn the basics of photographing the magnificent Aurora Borealis

Price from €79

Learn the basics of photographing the magnificent Aurora Borealis

Price from €79

A compact, lightweight and probably the best tripod for capturing your Northern Lights!

Price from €15

Trek through the forest to easily accessible places that are good for spotting northern lights. Beginner friendly experience, though not recommended for children under 8 years – If you have younger children and wish to take part in this experience, please contact us via email and we’ll happily modify it for you! Winter Clothing?10€ / […]

Price from €80

In addition to relaxing by the fire while enjoying snacks and listening to stories about this wonderful polar light show, we will also learn to photograph the northern lights. Before the experience takes place, we will check both the weather forecast and space data to determine the best possible location to see the northern lights. […]

Price from €130

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