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Mountaineering Courses and Tours

In Finnish Lapland and Nepal
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Mountaineering day-courses and trips to 6000+ meters peaks:

Join the Bliss Adventure rope team for the true taste of international mountaineering!

Mountains are not hostile. Mountains are not friendly. Mountains are an unique dimension of adventure and exploration, responding to one’s skills, knowledge and mindset. What’s on the mountain top? There’s a lesson learned about oneself – and often an immense amount of sheer nature’s beauty!

There are a few beautiful options to choose from for the mountaineering-minded traveler with lesser experience and skill-set. One can join the Bliss Adventure’s Mountaineering ABC modules, the Theory or/and the Practice, in Pyhä-Luosto region in Lapland, Finland. Optionally one can join our mountaineering trips to Nepal’s 6000-meters peaks, and learn the relevant basic skills during these tours at the foot of the Himalayan mountain ridge.

Learn the basics or join us in the adventure of your life

There are two ways for you at Bliss Adventure to get the mountaineering going right and safe from the start. You may join our Mountaineering ABC modules in Pyhä, Lapland, Finland. Or you may choose to join our mountaineering trips to Nepal, where one will learn the relevant basic skills during the 3–4 week long Himalayan adventures. Pyhä (Pyhäntunturi) in Finnish Lapland is known for it’s rugged backcountry and steep slopes appreciated by the downhill skiers both on piste and offpiste. Pyhä makes a superbly convenient environment for learning the individual mountaineer’s skills, such as ice axe and crampons techniques, rope team tactics and using a jumar, a Himalayan standard for ascending. Bliss Adventure organises mountaineering trips to Nepal in close co-operation with Mandala Travel, a premium Finnish adventure travel agency with a solid experience in Himalayan region. This duo has been working together successfully for a number of years.

Pyhä – the home to ancient fells in Finnish Lapland

The 35-km-long fell chain in Pyhä-Luosto area in Finnish Lapland is a remnant of one of the Earth’s oldest mountain ranges. What would make a better venue for learning the Mountaineering ABC! Pyhä (Pyhätunturi) makes an extremely convenient and compact training ground. The theory part goes best to process by the comfy tables and sofas of Hotel Pyhätunturi. The practical part training area starts a mere 50 meters away from the hotel premises. It offers steep slopes, changeable and sometimes tricky snow and often a brisk northern wind on one’s face to keep the spirit genuine!

Nepal – the Word’s finest mountaineering destination

For a good number of good reasons Nepal is the undisputed champion among the mountaineering travel destinations. It is about the tradition of a half-a-century and beyond, it is about the great Himalayan mountain ridge, it is the staggering value for the money Nepal provides to a mountain lover. The list goes on.

Will I be safe?

Yes. Our experienced instructors and guides are all professionals and will provide the maximum amount of safety in the given circumstances. Following their instructions will keep you safe. Please note, that especially in Himalayan tours we will be handling with issues like strenuous approach hikes in sometimes technical terrain, high altitude and compromising hygiene, so good individual preparations will come necessary, too. These topics will get discussed and instructed thoroughly before the departure date.

I have further questions, whom I should contact?

In general matters contact Mandala Travel in Helsinki, +358 9 4259 9822,, Mon–Fri 9:00–17:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours). In more mountaineering- specific matters contact, +358 40 511 5525/Artturi, the Mera Peak trip’s guide. You may also reach him by WhatsApp.

Learning safely the basic techniques required to join a mountain climbing trip.

Price from €219

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