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Wilderness Skiing

Ski through the unbroken snow in forest like a local

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The most genuine activity in Lapland, rewarding also for the absolute beginner

Put on your wilderness skis and grab the ski poles, enjoy the ease of skiing across the thick snow blanket

To ski peacefully across the unbroken snow in Pyhä-Luosto National Park is arguably the most authentic activity in the whole of Lapland. This how the locals, including the indigenous Forest Sámi people, have done for the last 7000 years! It is very easy, no skiing experience is required. The Bliss guides will be happy to instruct you the correct, fun and safe skiing technique using the ski poles, too.

Pyhä-Luosto National Park makes a lovely environment for enjoying wilderness skiing. Follow your guide deeper into the Arctic Taiga forest, feel the soft snow under your wide yet light skis. Enjoy some captivating stories about the Arctic nature shared by your guide.

Guided wilderness skiing tours available both in Pyhä and Luosto, Lapland.

More about wilderness skiing

Skis and skiing rank among the most fundamental things in Lapland. They are so much more than a fun activity. The local people have skied for several thousands of years for everything that really matters: hunting and fishing tours in the wilderness for survival, gathering and protecting reindeer from the predators, meetings other people in the sparsely populated region and exploring new areas, too.

The purest way of skiing is what we call wilderness skiing. Instead of following man-made ski tracks around the ski resort, wilderness skier heads in the forest, in unbroken snow. The latest equipment and qualified guiding make it easy to join the noble tradition – exploring the unbroken snowfields of large Taiga forest on skis in a peaceful and rather slow manner. It is not about the exercise, it is about encountering the nature, it is about joining the heritage of wilderness skiing in relaxed yet respectful manner.

Skiing equipment consists of skis and poles. The skis and are at the same time modern and ancient: the 145 cm long and 10 cm wide ski design is among the oldest ever discovered. Short skis are easy to maneuver in forested areas, and the wide design prevents the skier from sinking too deep in snow. An integrated synthetic climbing skin under the ski provides traction in uphill. It successfully imitates the original design of using a slice of elk or reindeer skin for this purpose and keeps the speed safe also in the gentle downhill sections in the forest.

Wilderness skiing poles could be telescopic or fixed. Most important is that they are long enough, roughly until the skier’s armpits, and the snow baskets need to be large to perform well in soft snow.

Wilderness skiing requires very little technique yet rewards significantly.

The whole of Pyhä-Luosto area makes a very rewarding environment for wilderness skiing. Pyhä-Luosto National Park could be the most appealing destination, though also for example Soutaja area, Lake Pyhäjärvi in Pyhä and Ahvenlampi area and Ukko-Luosto in Luosto make a strong location candidate, too. Don’t forget your camera at home, since wilderness skier tends to get to gorgeous places rarely seen people on foot or by car.

Do I need earlier experience?

If you’d enjoy entering the Arctic Taiga forest the peaceful, beyond-traditional way, wilderness skiing is for you. No skiing experience is required, the Bliss guides will be delighted to instruct you the safe and fun wilderness skiing technique.

Ski through the unbroken snow in forest like a local! The most genuine activity in Lapland, rewarding also for the absolute beginner. A guide will be delighted to instruct you the safe and fun wilderness skiing technique.

Price from €82

Head out to the true Arctic wilderness on Altai skis and let Mother Nature remind you what life is all about.

Price from €159

Our Altai skis require no groomed areas, no lifts, no tickets. In fact, they prefer it that way!

Price from €30

Explore the true Arctic wilderness on Altai skis, across the thick snowblanket of vast aapa bogs and through old-growth forest. Spend an unforgettable night in a real Finnish wilderness hut in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the Lappish peacefulness.

Price from €649

Join an unique multi-day ski & snowshoe tour, explore the best of Pyhä-Luosto National Park and the Arctic nature and tradition. Spend magical nights in a winter tent under Lapland’s big skies, often lit by the Northern Lights!

Price from €1190

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