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Ice Climbing

Whack Your Axes Into The Ice And Climb Up!

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Exciting ice climbing for every skill level!

Choose the ice climbing activity that suits you the best:

The experienced instructors of Bliss Adventure will introduce you safely to the world of ice climbing, providing an outstanding chance to get familiar with one of the winter’s fascinating elements: ice.

We will provide you with ice climbing equipment or you can bring your own gear. Ice axes, ropes, gloves, crampons etc.

Choose from our two climbing locations: The Tajukangas ice fall, just a reindeer’s leap away from the slopes of Pyhätunturi, in Tajukangas. Or, if you are in for a bigger adventure, the mighty ice falls of the Korouoma canyon in Posio are within a day trip’s reach from Rovaniemi, Pyhätunturi or Kuusamo.

Exciting but safe ice climbing in unique locations

Whack your axes in the ice and climb up! Safe for the beginners, exciting and rewarding for advanced ice climbers.

People all over the world come to take part in our winter activities, from London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel, the United States, India, Germany etc.

We offer safe climbing experiences and steep ice walls in the most popular locations in Finland. We will provide you with a personal guide to help you on the vertical climb up the frozen walls of Tajukangas fall and Korouoma canyon. Ice climbing activities are available during winter season when the ice is thick and snow is bright. 

Tajukangas – Pyhä

By the Tajukangas ice climbing shrine, you will enjoy not only climbing in the beautiful environment but also a bonfire and some hot berry beverages keeping you warm during the little breaks. The Tajukangas ice fall reaches above 20 meters and is located just a few minutes walk from the slopes of Pyhätunturi. This is a good versatile climbing spot for the beginners and even a bit more experienced climbers. This is the main spot for most of our climbing courses.

Korouoma – Posio

Korouoma is millions of years old fracture valley in the bedrock. At the centre of the rock valley, it forms a magnificent gorge that drops over a 100 metres below its surrounding terrain. Korouoma is known for its magnificent icefalls that cover the tall cliffs in the winter. Korouma is hands-down the best destination for ice climbing in Finland.

What kind of routes are available for climbers?

Fun and various! To put in brief: something suited to every level of skills and stamina. Most of the routes in Pyhä are roughly 20 meters tall. In Korouoma Canyon in Posio, some of the routes are up to 60 meters tall. Very few routes are literally vertical though they still deliver that steep-enough-for-sure experience, and encourage to pay attention to Bliss’ guides instructions for getting the ice climbing technique right and effortless. In both of the destinations, Pyhä and Korouoma, the climber will get rewarded by gorgeous views across the Arctic forests from the top of the route!

Do I need earlier climbing experience?

Experience certainly helps especially on our advanced courses but is not required. The experienced and friendly Bliss Adventure ice climbing guides are there to instruct you and will keep it safe and fun. Actually, if you have been heavily into indoor or/and rock climbing for years, you will first need to replace some techniques (such as footwork) to excel on the ice wall.

I’m an experienced climber, is there anything for me?

Absolutely. For the clients with a large appetite for climbing and very keen to learn beyond the solid basic techniques, there is the Premium Ice Climbing in Pyhä. We also tailor workshops for example to climbers who want to move from top-rope climbing to lead climbing or to enhance their lead climbing skills on the ice. We also rent ice climbing gear to experienced independent climbers. However, gear rental is possible only should we have the requested gear available, not occupied by the guided groups, which we focus on. Please always get in touch should you have a question or a request:, +358 40 530 2206 (also TXT and WhatsApp).

Your climbing courses have age limits, is there any chance my child could still climb?

There are no actual age ”limits” in our courses but some are not suggested for kids. Our lower age limits represent general guidelines, though there are some fundamental differences regarding the two of our ice climbing destinations, Pyhä and Korouoma, and the various ice climbing products, too.

In Pyhä the youngest kids having a safe and successful experience on Kids Ice Climbing Adventure or Try Ice Climbing with the support of Bliss Guides have been at the tender age of five. Our experience is that the parents know their children – they will know if an early-age ice climbing session is a good idea for the child or not. We have also learned during a decade of guiding in Lapland, that there is often a certain element of surprise involved when doing activities with children. That’s why our guides arrive to the meeting point at the Hotel Pyhätunturi reception with a lot of patience and flexibility.

Korouoma Canyon Ice Climbing Day Trip is different. It is a full-day tour in the Arctic, not a walk in a park. It includes quite some hiking in and out: downhill, flat, uphill and even some steep scrambling to reach the foot of the icefall. A sporty family member in his or her early teens can enjoy it but a child probably will not. The same approach also covers the Ice Climbing Coursin Pyhä. It is best enjoyed by clients from early teens to senior adults.

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a safe and true ice climbing experience in Pyhä. Just two hours away from Rovaniemi. Suitable also for the beginners, exciting and rewarding for everyone!

Price from €93

Now even the younger ones can join the ice climbing safely and playfully! Also suitable for an adventurous family.

Price from €93

For enthusiasts, Bliss Adventure offers a tailored ice climbing experience in the Tajukangas ice fall

Price from €159

Basic course in ice climbing for those who already manage safely basic indoor climbing skills, like belaying.

Price from €219

Unforgettable day trip to the Korouoma Canyon & Nature Reserve in Posio, where the mightiest ice falls in Finland are located.

Price from €298

Unforgettable day trip to the Korouoma Canyon & Nature Reserve in Posio, where the mightiest ice falls in Finland are located.

Price from €344

About Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is done on steep ice formations. Sure, we hear there is a handful of indoor ice climbing walls out there but with Bliss Adventure it is always the real deal: we take you to climb in the great outdoors, in the wilderness of Finnish Lapland.

The climber will climb over various features of ice using a specific gear such as ice axes and crampons. Every climb on ice is unique and therefore very rewarding. It is about true interaction with Mother Nature’s frozen creations.

Ice climbing does require a tad of an adventurous mind. However, it does not require athletes strength nor an extreme mindset. When ice climbing is done with Bliss Adventure guides’ instructions, it is a very safe activity also for the absolute beginner. It’s all about technique, determination and challenging oneself the safe way.

Safety first for the kids and seniors alike

Safety matters the most. A helmet with eye protection is used in for rocks of ice falling from above. Also, a safety rope is always involved. It is controlled by a guide for belaying the ice climber. At Bliss Adventure we use top rope belaying system. It means, that there is no risk of falling for the climber. A safety rope is attached to climber’s harness from above. A qualified ice climbing guide will coordinate the climb from start to the top and back to starting point again.

Youngest ice climbers at Bliss Adventure have been at the tender age of five. The most senior ice climbers have reached a respectable age of 78 years. It’s the spirit that counts!

Back in the day ice climbing had a rather masculine image. Nowadays it has become equally popular among females and males

Swing in the ice axes, kick in the crampons!

The fascinating activity of ice climbing developed out of early mountaineering over a century ago. Up north in Finnish Lapland ice climbing got discovered only in the 1980s. It was the pioneering locals who started climbing first ascents deep in the wilderness at Korouoma Canyon in Posio, Southern Lapland. To make these challenging climbs even more spectacular, they used self-forged ice axes and other do-it-yourself equipment!

The era of DIY gear is happily gone, though the use of special equipment still makes ice climbing very different from rock climbing. An ice axe in each hand and a pair of crampons attached to climbing boots is the standard set for a modern ice climber.

Book your tickets now and join for the adventure!

If you are not sure which Ice Climbing course would be best for you, don’t hesitate to contact us via email at, or do give us a call at +358 40 530 2206.

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