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Arctic Backcountry Truck Multi-day Tours

Multi-day powder adventures deep in the backcountry on an ex-military truck
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Experience backcountry adventures on an off-road truck expedition and explore the best of Arctic

Join a backcountry tour like never before – follow the finest snow on an off-road truck and discover the most thrilling skiing

There’s no better way to get around in the sparsely populated Arctic than by Pesä. The rugged beauty is a heavily pimped ex-military truck. It is not just her 4-wheel-drive all-terrain ability to take you to places where other can’t go. It is the whole comprehensive package: comfy beds for six people, well-and-beyond equipped kitchen, wood-heated stove to keep the mobile accommodation warm and the ambience cosy, eco-toilet, solar panels, WiFi and HiFi. Hosted with the genuine Nordic hospitality.

Pesä (“The Nest” in Finnish) is about excellent standard of safety and service. When heading into backcountry, a knowledgeable local guide will lead the way and instruct new skills to the ones willing to learn. Once back at Pesä after an elevating day in the snow-blanketed mountains and couloirs, the expedition chef takes over and rewards the crew with delicious, nutritious and certainly large-enough meal.

More detailed facts about the activity

These multi-day adventures take you exploring some of the most remote and rewarding backcountry skiing areas in Norway in a renovated ex-military truck, Pesä. The handmade harsh-from-the-outside vehicle has a heart of gold. The wood-heated stove is backed up by solar panels and liquid-fuel heating system keeping the accommodation premises for six people warm and cozy in any given weather conditions.

The solid, capable vehicle is just a half of the unique backcountry travel concept. The other half is the qualified adventure staff and their commitment to the next level or customer service.

On Pesä backcountry tours you will enjoy a safety margin created by a knowledgeable local backcountry guide. He or she is looking forward to sharing the best of off-piste skiing tips and techniques with you. Pesä tours also make arguably the finest setting for learning the ABC and beyond of snow safety – in the real environment, naturally.

Your local guide can take you skiing through the trees, shooting down the countless couloirs, or cruising the long lines from the jagged peaks all the way to the deep blue fjords. All this away from the crowds – just you and your group in the mountains.

After the sometimes long, strenuous yet fun day out there, there’s nothing sweeter than returning to a tasty meal at the mothership! The professional chef of Pesä is prepared to spoil the backcountry explorers with a nutritious three-course-meal. The menus are based on local ingredients and the portions are of expedition caliber – simply fulfilling!

The after-dinner chill makes the perfect moment for folding open the backcountry maps, learning some route planning from the guide and finally making together some exciting plans for the next day. Should one not let the humming of wood-heated stove take over and fall asleep, there could be an excellent reason for stepping out one more time: Aurora Borealis tend to get frequent and vivid up there! The Pesä staff will be happy to share their tips for capturing the best possible photos of the fascinating Northern Lights.

Pyhä – the home to ancient fells in Finnish Lapland

Pyhä (Pyhätunturi) in Finnish Lapland is known for its rugged backcountry and steep slopes appreciated by the downhill skiers both on piste and off-piste. Pyhä-Luosto National Park makes a superbly convenient environment for learning the basics of ski touring and off-piste skiing techniques.

The 35-km-long fell chain in Pyhä-Luosto area in Finnish Lapland is a remnant of one of the Earth’s oldest mountain ranges.

The local people make a kind handful. A mere 300 of them living next to the vast wilderness inviting for a safe adventure.


Northern-Norway is one of the best places in the known Universe for backcountry skiers and riders: the vast amount of gorgeous lines through the untracked snow is staggering.

Will it be safe?

Yes. A qualified backcountry guide will always lead the tours in the mountains. The Pesä driver is a qualified truck pilot on the Arctic roads, and off-road, too. They will guarantee to keep the tour’s risks to the bare minimum.

What will be the group size?

This trip will launch with a minimum of 4 adventurers, and a maximum of 6.

Can I book on my own?

Absolutely. Many people do, it’s a proven nice way to meet like-minded people.

Who is going on these trips?

A mix of kind and cool solo traveler-adventurers, and small indeed groups of two or three.

People of this sort are often social by their nature. We have been happy to see new friendships born out of these trips.

How’s the skiing?

The skiing is world-famous for a reason. Imagine a gorgeous scenery where the pristine snow meets the deep blue fjords. True, rugged, sometimes harsh mountain environment yet no acclimatization issues due to relevantly low elevation. Magnificent powder fields, tree-skiing, couloirs of various steepness, large vertical gain, and no crowds. No man-made structures nor ski lifts, only the pure muscle-powered ski-touring.

How fit or skilled do I need to be?

You must manage basic backcountry skiing on variable snow to enjoy this trip. At least a moderate level of fitness is required: you will spend 5-8 hours skiing per day, most of it uphill.

Can you promise me the Aurora Borealis?

They may be frequent but unfortunately, no guarantee can be granted. The Northern Lights are unpredictable so it is impossible to say that you will certainly witness them. The chances depend on the weather and visibility, as you will need clear skies to experience them properly.

We can promise, that this trip will increase your chances as you will be traveling through remote regions by your truck, away from light pollution. You can also learn to capture the Auroras with your own camera.

How’s the food?

There will be a professional chef among the staff. He will create a mixture of cuisines with an Arctic mojo. Food will be tasty and plenty to keep you fueled for those long days in the mountains.

Can my dietary needs be accommodated?

Yes, with a pleasure! Kindly do let us know well in advance.

How’s the weather like?

Winters in northern Norway are obviously cold. Luckily you don’t need to be an Arctic masochist to appreciate them. The warming effect of the Gulf Stream makes it’s much more tolerable than in many other countries located at the same latitude. You can experience a number of climates in a day: coastal mountains, inland, maritime continental and what not. Norwegian weather is known for being entertaining a.k.a. notorious for its rapid changes.

Temperatures typically range from 0°C to –15 °C in the winter. Snow is falling more days than it doesn’t. Often days are overcast, but once you will catch a sunny one it will take your breath away.

What should I pack?

Your guide suggests that you bring:

  • Randonné skis or telemark skis with climbing skins, splitboard or snowboard & snowshoes
  • Ski boots with walk mode
  • Telescopic ski poles
  • Ski helmet
  • Backpack (~35 L)
  • Sunglasses & back up sunglasses (less-expensive ones will make a decent extra pair)
  • Ski goggles
  • Thermos and water bottle(s), or/and hydration system (bladder)
  • Outdoor winter clothing (waterproof and breathable jacket and pants, thermal underwear, wool socks, mid layer, a packable down or synthetic-fiber-filled jacket, 2 pairs of gloves or mittens, a woolen hat)
  • Neck gaiter or warm scarf

Hop on our powder wagon and enjoy the best freeriding in Norway!

Price from €2390

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