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Family Tour Packages

Perfect Way to Introduce the Great Outdoors and Arctic Nature for the Kids too


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Create life-long memories together through safe adventures


Let’s bring the young ones along! The Arctic could be the perfect environment for family adventures. It is safe environment by any measure, very pure and clean inside out, and the child-friendly and experienced Bliss Adventure guides – many of them parents themselves, too – will seal the wonderful experience.

The gorgeously beautiful though cold winter environment requires thorough understanding and the right clothing and equipment. The Team Bliss holds decades of experience including the most wonderfully hostile weather conditions. Managing the sometimes challenging conditions comes with a great shared reward, priceless memories. You may always trust our ability to craft and coordinate the perfect outdoors adventure for you and your family.

If the suggested activities, duration or another key component on our itineraries do not suit you, please let us know. We will be terribly happy to tailor it, shape it perfect for you.

Let’s explore the Arctic together, let’s create unforgettable family experiences together!

Now even the younger ones can join the ice climbing safely and playfully! Also suitable for an adventurous family.

Price from €93

Learn the basics of photographing the magnificent Aurora Borealis

Price from €79

Hop on the chairlift and enjoy the vast natural scenery from the top of the fell while taking your first steps in snowshoes, right next to Pyhä-Luosto National Park. Feel the peak and see the sights with the best views to fill up your Instagram!

Price from €82

Ski through the unbroken snow in forest like a local! The most genuine activity in Lapland, rewarding also for the absolute beginner. A guide will be delighted to instruct you the safe and fun wilderness skiing technique.

Price from €82

Come with us in a private husky farm. Have 5km safari and meet the dogs.

Price from €120

Enjoy the fun 10 km sledge ride with Huskies in the wilderness! Learn the secrets of Husky mushing. Hear storytelling about the adorable Husky dogs, while enjoying steaming berry juice in a cosyhut.

Price from €160

Experience traditional winter fishing methods with a local fisherman.

Price from €119

Experience the serenity of the wilderness in a reindeer caravan. We will have on hour reindeer sledge safari in to the wilderness and after the safari you can see the reindeer up close, feed them and also you will hear about their life.

Price from €120

Nice and quiet reindeer sleigh ride takes us to traditional finnish lávvu in the forest. There we enjoy delicious local hand made lunch: reindeer soup, bread, coffee & kampanisu. We will meet local Saami reindeer farmer and enjoy her storytelling.

Price from €140

We will go to a place with no light pollution with best possibilities in that night to see northern lights. We will make campfire in wilderness, roast sausages and tell you about Auroras. Our guide will help with camera settings and take pictures for you.

Price from €130

Experience a Finnish-style, unique, and relaxing evening at Lucky Ranch Saloon!

Price from €85


The current selected activities for Family Tours are several: ice climbing, snowshoe-hiking, wilderness skiing (cross-country) through untouched snow, ice fishing and reindeer & husky safaris. Also all Northern Lights activities are suitable for the younger ones.

We work together only with the best and most knowledgeable guides where ever we go. In most of the cases they belong to Bliss Adventure staff, at some of destinations we rely on our very local guiding partners.

The Family Tours mean big experiences in small groups. Where we roam there’s never a crowd even to be seen. We prefer to keep it human size.

Oh, did we mention the food? Everybody knows that a brisk day in the great outdoors spells monstrous appetite! That’s why we are keeping quality and quantity in par – large portions of delicious, nutritious food based on local raw materials, how else! There’s no better way to wrap a day to remember than a shared meal, sometimes right below the blazing northen lights!


Areas we explore on our Family Tours are Pyhä-Luosto, Posio and Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland.

Pyhä-Luosto with it’s population of merely 300 inhabitants and vast wilderness is oozing with peacefulness and kindness. It is snow-covered from mid November until early May. Pyhä-Luosto National Park makes a wonderful playground for enjoying the Arctic nature with children, too.

Posio is one of the true hidden gems of Lapland, located south from Pyhä-Luosto. Posio’s Riisitunturi National Park is known for soul-soothing beauty and great husky trails, too.

Rovaniemi, the capitol of Lapland, hosts the closest and very compact international airport (RVN). It is true gateway to the genuine Lapland experiences. Santa Claus is available for the young-at-heart 365 days a year at Rovaniemi’s Arctic Circle, a magical destination for a family visit. Some 63 000 people call Rovaniemi home.

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