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Active Multi-day Tours

There Is a Plethora of Authentic Activities to Choose from!


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Safe, sound and suited for a wide range of adventurers


Active Multi-Day Tours are crafted for the active holiday maker. He / she enjoys not only the great outdoors and exploring the fascinating Arctic nature but also a touch of challenge, may it be physical, mental or both by nature. Active Multi-Day Tours are suited also for the beginners and make a wonderful opportunity to gain meaningful skills and knowledge.

Our current selected activities for Multi-Day Tours are ice climbing, backcountry downhill skiing, winter cycling on e-fatbikes and fatbikes, wilderness skiing (cross-country) and snowshoe-hiking through untouched snow and Arctic Survival Skills Workshops.

The only one of our Active Multi-Day Tours making an exception, not being suited also for the absolute beginner, is Backcountry Downhill Ski Tours. A certain amount of experience and skiing skills are a must for an enjoyable guided tour in the rugged mountains.

Maybe you have a passion for an activity, which is not on our list? Let us know, we will love to discuss how to make your adventure dream come through within our vast network!

Explore the true Arctic wilderness on snowshoes, across the thick snowblanket of Taiga forest and through the impressive gorge. Spend an unforgettable night in a real Finnish wilderness hut in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the Lappish peacefulness.

Price from €649

Explore the true Arctic wilderness on Altai skis, across the thick snowblanket of vast aapa bogs and through old-growth forest. Spend an unforgettable night in a real Finnish wilderness hut in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the Lappish peacefulness.

Price from €649

Join an unique multi-day ski & snowshoe tour, explore the best of Pyhä-Luosto National Park and the Arctic nature and tradition. Spend magical nights in a winter tent under Lapland’s big skies, often lit by the Northern Lights!

Price from €1190

Join an unique multi-day e-fatbike tour in Finnish Lapland to the top of Halti Fell (1328 m), the highest point of Finland! Pedal a powerful electric fatbike on snow, enjoy the challenge and the rewarding views also across the border deep in Norway, too!

Price from €2390

Hop on our powder wagon and enjoy the best freeriding in Norway!

Price from €2390

A journey to pristine wilderness where sun never sets. Walk the woods and tundra of Muotkatunturi wilderness area with the newborn reindeer calfs, singing birds and lush vegetetion of brief but intense Lappish summer.

Price from €1250

Ice climbing ranks hands down among the wildest activities to do in Lapland! We know how to keep it safe for any level of skillset. We arrange beginner ice climbing, intermediate ice climbing for clients with some experience under their belt already, and expert level ice climbing tours and workshops for climbers with sturdier background.

Ice climbing it is not only about the climb, that full-on focused adrenaline rush. A significant  part of this chilly activity is to  learn about the fascinating component of frozen water, ice, itself. Ice is slightly different every day, reflecting the current weather’s all variables It is also never quite the same on your steep route right in front of you what it was 50 cm lower or what it will be 50 cm higher. It is all about constant dialogue with the Mother Nature, adopting to ice’s features. The goal is to learn to dance across it effortlessly, enjoying every movement in often beyond-gorgeous nature’s setting.

Backcountry Downhill Skiing Tours spells earn your turns – and that very reward could be high, literally! Bliss Adventure’s Backcountry Downhill Skiing Tours take you ski-touring deep in the fells and mountains to discover the finest Arctic powder. These tours encourage the group members not only to enjoy the yee-haws of  puffy downhill runs but also the planning and preparations part of a backcountry ski tour. Tours are always led by qualified guides eager to share their impressive amount of knowledge in snow safety and backcountry touring.

Winter cycling tours are, well, like riding a bike – and yet very different from a standard bike tour! Bliss Adventure chooses to use fatbikes, sometimes also known as snowbikes. These clumsy looking yet agile allround-adventure-bicycles often come with an attached electric pedaling assistant. E-fatbikes are superb when it’s time to push through the snow! E-fatbike still requires some proper old-fashioned pedaling by the rider but the refined vehicle does flatten the uphills and makes it possible to complete tours beyond expectations!

Wilderness Skiing is arguably the most genuine activity one can do in Lapland. To make a cross-country ski tour through unbroken snow in magically silent Arctic forest is meditative. It is also has been the defacto mean of transport for the locals up north for the last five-thousand years! The fundamentals of the equipment, short and wide easy-to-maneuver skis with a slice of climbing skin in the bottom, also have remained unchanged since the ages. To enjoy a guided wilderness skiing tour, no previous experience is required.

Snowshoe wilderness hike is the easiest way to explore snow-blanketed Arctic nature. It could be a short outing between breakfast and lunch or a multi-day venture pulling sledges and carrying backpacks, snowshoes will manage it all. Snowshoes are specialized outdoor gear for walking over snow, attached on winter boots. Their large footprint spreads the user’s weight out and allows them to travel largely on top of snow. This means an elevating snowy experience with a reasonable amount of effort.

Arctic Survival Skills Workshops by Bliss Adventure mean a rare chance of learning some fundamental winter survival and winter hiking skills by doing. The workshops are led by skilled and experienced guides and survival specialist, options for durations varies from some hours to several days. Fundamental skills achieved are for example emergency snow accommodation building, fire starting and using puukko, a traditional and versatile Finnish knife.

We work together only with the best and most knowledgeable guides where ever we go. In most of the cases they belong to Bliss Adventure staff, in some well-founded cases we rely on our local guide partners.

The Bliss Adventure Multi-Day Tours mean big experiences in small groups. Where we roam there’s never a crowd even to be seen. We prefer to keep it human size.

Oh, did we mention the food? Everybody knows that a brisk day in the great outdoors spells monstrous appetite! That’s why we are keeping quality and quantity in par – large portions of delicious, nutritious food based on local raw materials, how else! There’s no better way to wrap a day to remember than a shared meal, sometimes right below the blazing northen lights!

Areas where we explore with our Multi-Day clients are Pyhä-Luosto and Posio in Finnish Lapland and Tamokdalen and its surroundings in northern Norway. Pyhä-Luosto is our choice of location for genuine wilderness skiing and snowshoeing tours, Kilpisjärvi area and Posio for electric fatbike tours. Northern Norway makes that unbeatable destination for ice climbing and wild yet safe backcountry downhill skiing.

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