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Explore the Arctic nature and peacefulness the easiest way

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The fun and easy way to enter the beauty of snowy forest

Step in your snowshoes and enjoy the ease of walking across the thick snow blanket

Snowshoeing is a fun form of winter hiking, suitable for the whole family. A snowshoe is a flat piece of footwear for walking over snow. A pair of snowshoes work by distributing the weight of the person over a larger area so that the person’s foot does not sink too deep into the snow. To enjoy snowshoeing there’s no complex technique to master. Just let your guide show how to put the snowshoes on and then follow him/her into the magical beauty of Pyhä-Luosto National Park. Both the guided tours and equipment rental are available at Pyhä and Luosto.

More detailed facts about snowshoeing

Snowshoes, an ancient aid in the northern hemisphere for walking in snowy environment. They will help you to get to explore very special places of natural beauty. Without snowshoes it would be very laborious and slow – in some cases impossible – to hike across the thick snow blanket of the Arctic Taiga forest.

Since we were not born with snowshoes like the Arctic hare, reindeer or wolverine, we need to use equipment. Snowshoe designs and materials have changed, from hardwood to light-weight metal and synthetic materials, though the original idea still implies: snowhoes distribute the walker’s weight on much larger area, preventing the walker’s foot from sinking deep in soft snow. Snowshoes have been utilised for ages for example not only by North-American natives, but also for trappeurs and traders, or anyone living in rural areas where snowfall might get significant. They make the perfect recreational activity for the whole family.

Many snowshoers prefer to use ski poles when hiking, some wish to keep it simple and don’t use the poles at all. Some wish to compromise by choosing a pole instead of a pair, leaving the other hand free for photography or pushing the random tree branch aside when ever necessary.

Pyhä-Luosto National Park makes a lovely environment for snowshoeing. Follow your guide deeper into the forest, feel the puffy snow under your snowhoes. Enjoy some captivating stories about the Arctic nature shared by your guide.

Snowshoeing requires very little technique yet rewards significantly.

The whole of Pyhä-Luosto area makes a very rewarding environment for snowshoeing from November until early May. Pyhä-Luosto National Park could be the most appealing destination, though also for example Soutaja area and Lake Pyhäjärvi in Pyhä and Ahvenlampi area and Ukko-Luosto in Luosto, make a strong location candidate, too. Dont forget to bring your camera, since snowshoers tends to get to gorgeous places rarely seen people on foot or by car.

Is snowshoeing for me?

If you’d enjoy entering the Arctic Taiga forest the peaceful, beyond-traditional way, wilderness snowshoeing makes a strong activity candidate for you. No snowsheing experience is required, the Bliss guides will be delighted to instruct you the safe and fun technique.

Hop on the chairlift and enjoy the vast natural scenery from the top of the fell while taking your first steps in snowshoes, right next to Pyhä-Luosto National Park. Feel the peak and see the sights with the best views to fill up your Instagram!

Price from €82

Snowshoeing is a great way to experience Pyhä Fell’s snowy wilderness, enjoy the fresh and clean air and get some exercise.

Price from €139

These rigid technical snowshoes are made to float! They are most at home in the deep powder in moderate to steep terrain.

Price from €25

Explore the true Arctic wilderness on snowshoes, across the thick snowblanket of Taiga forest and through the impressive gorge. Spend an unforgettable night in a real Finnish wilderness hut in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the Lappish peacefulness.

Price from €649

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