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Arctic Survival Skills and Workshops

Learn the basics of Arctic survival techniques by doing – in the Arctic

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On our Arctic Survival Skills Workshops you can gain unique knowledge in authentic environment

Join our Arctic Survival Skills Workshops and learn both theory and practice safely

Want to push your limits and learn to handle better the Arctic cold? Bliss Adventure’s Arctic Survival Skills workshops are a unique opportunity to challenge oneself safely. Suitable also for a beginner. One will gain not only once-in-a-lifetime experience but also heaps of knowledge: about clothing, nutrition, hydration, equipment and for example also about the psychology of survival. The Bliss guides are looking forward to sharing their thorough understanding of sometimes harsh Arctic environment.

Details About The Arctic Survival Skills Workshop

Bliss Adventure’s Arctic Survival Skills Workshops are unique. They offer a rich learning-by-doing opportunity in the authentic Arctic environment of Finnish Lapland. The workshops in snow-covered Pyhä-Luosto National Park will reward a diverse group of people: the outdoors-minded ones wanting to extend a safe and comfortable period for hiking and other activities from summer to winter, the ones willing to challenge themselves in hostile environment but keep it safe, the nature lovers or simply the ones willing to experience something extraordinary in the Arctic.

The both of our Arctic survival products, Arctic Day and Arctic Night, will offer a good amount of information by experienced instructors about following topics: importance of clothing and concrete advising on layering and choosing the best materials for the cold, nutrition and hydration, lessons to learn from the indigenous people of the north, psychology of survival, etc.

Please note that the Bliss Adventure Arctic Survival Skills Workshops are safe suitable also for the beginners. Previous outdoor experience not required.

The location

Bliss Adventure’s Arctic Survival Skills Workshops’ practical part take place – if not agreed differently due to client request – in Pyhä-Luosto National Park, Pyhä, Lapland. The thick snow blanket and peaceful Taiga forest make the perfect training ground for winter activities.

Will I be safe?

Yes. Our experienced instructors are all professionals and members of the Finnish survival guild.
Following their instructions will keep you safe.

Adventurous, full day of snowy action in the wilderness, enjoying the peacefulness of the arctic forest blanketed with snow. Hiking through the forest and building together a quinzee, the traditional snow accommodation, which is both fun and educating!

Price from €199

Once-in-a-lifetime experience. Adventurous though safe day and night in the Arctic wilderness, under the stars and possible Northern Lights. Building a quinzee and sleeping in snow, rather comfortably.

Price from €299

Learn how to rescue yourself and others after falling in ice.

Price from €139

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