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Electric Snowmobile Tours in Lapland, Finland

E-snowmobile tour through snow-blanketed Taiga forest means maximum experience and minimum emission

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For the nature loving adventurer committed in sustainability

Experience the finest snowmobile tour – safe, emission free and well-suited for the absolute beginner, too!

eSled, an electric snowmobile, is the revolutionary vehicle in exploring and enjoying the beautiful frosty Arctic. An emission-free e-snowmobile is the silent snow traveler, free from engine noise and from exhaust fumes, too! It is well-suited also to the absolute beginner, since it is safe safe and easy to ride and also a lot of fun!


More detailed facts about the activity

Snowmobiling is not just a popular hobby in Lapland. It also ranks among the most traditional ways of transportation in wilderness and was a game-changer in reindeer herding, too. The variety of snowmobile tours range from a quick beginner’s ride to long distance safaris of several days. If you heart beats for less sound and more environmental option, Pyhä–Luosto belongs to those extremely few places in the World where you can go on electric snowmobile safari. That’s silent and emission free way to discover nature in Lapland.



Luosto Amethyst mine

Luosto Amethyst mine makes a unique tour destination in many ways – especially so when reached on electric snowmobile! The highly sustainable mine is surrounded by Pyhä–Luosto National Park and host some of the best views in the area. Heavy machinery was never used there. Everything is very much human-size and pictorescue.

The best thing on an amethyst mine tour, except the impressive e-sleds and the overwhelming amount of nature’s beauty? The opportunity to dig your own amethyst and bring it home!


Luosto Amethyst mine makes an unique tour destination – especially so when reached on an electric snowmobile! Ride across the Arctic forests with the maximum elegance and minimum emission. The best thing? Dig your own amethyst and bring it home!

Price from €295

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