Lunch will be enjoyed in the forest by a hut after a relaxing sleigh ride to the location. Steaming soup with coffee and traditional pastry for dessert is topped of with stories. Meeting the reindeer up close is naturally included in this experience! Transportation20€ / person Transportation to the farm is not included in the […]

Price from €140

Pyhä Husky Farm is a privately owned farm in the wilderness. The one hour ride is approximately 7-10km in length. Each sledge can fit two adults and  1-2 smaller children or one adult and one older child. Adult is always the musher and others sits in the sledge. We will decide this on the spot […]

Price from €180

Come with us for 30 minutes husky safari and after farm visit to meet the dogs.

Price from €120

Learn how to rescue yourself and others after falling in ice.

Price from €139

Experience mesmerizing winter forest in the evening time

Price from €80