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Ice Climbing And Rappelling

Whack Your Axes Into The Ice And Climb Up!

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Exciting ice climbing for every skill level!

Choose the ice climbing activity that suits you the best:

The experienced instructors of Bliss Adventure will introduce you safely to the world of ice climbing, providing an outstanding chance to get familiar with one of the winter’s fascinating elements: ice.

Choose from our two climbing locations: The Tajukangas ice fall, just a reindeer’s leap away from the slopes of Pyhätunturi, in Tajukangas. Or, if you are in for a bigger adventure, the mighty ice falls of the Korouoma canyon in Posio are within a day trip’s reach from Rovaniemi, Pyhätunturi or Kuusamo.

Exciting but safe ice climbing for every skill level

Whack your axes in the ice and climb up! Safe for the beginners, exciting and rewarding for everyone.

Tajukangas – Pyhä

By the Tajukangas ice climbing shrine, you will enjoy not only climbing in the beautiful environment but also a bonfire and some hot berry beverages keeping you warm during the little breaks.

The Tajukangas ice fall reaches above 20 meters and is located just a few minutes walk from the slopes of Pyhätunturi. This is a good versatile climbing spot for the beginners and even a bit more experienced climbers. This is the main spot for most of our climbing courses.

Korouoma – Posio

Korouoma is a millions of years old fracture valley in the bedrock. At the center of the valley, it forms a magnificent gorge that drops over a 100 meters below its surrounding terrain. Korouoma is known for its magnificent icefalls that cover the tall cliffs in the winter. Korouma is hands-down the best destination for ice climbing in Finland.

What kind of routes are available for climbers?

It depends of the spot. In Tajukangas the routes are…

Do I need earlier climbing experience?

Nope. Our climbing instructors are there to teach and help you.

I’m an experienced climber, is there anything for me?

Sure. Do you need equipment, belaying partner or a ride? Give us a shout and we can customise our service for you.

Your climbing courses have age limits, is there any chance my child could still climb?

This is really just a rule of thumb and depends of the child. If you feel confident that your child is up for it, then we can discuss about it for sure. If you are unsure, give us a shout.